Raja Shankar Shah University

Raja Shankar Shah University has been established according to the Gazette of Madhya Pradesh (Extraordinary) Bhopal dated 17 June 2019 with an intent to become one of the most prominent and sought after universities of Madhya Pradesh and also of the country. The university will launch various innovative and integrated educational programmes which will attract the students and faculty from across the country. The university shall offer best educational environment for thousands of students on campus and act as the administrative centre for its affiliated colleges in Madhya Pradesh. It will also offer facilities for research in pioneering fields to the faculty and students engaged in pursuance of excellence in their fields. Its site on the hill, easily visible from the ring road, shall showcase the University as a world class educational campus of importance. 

Officers and Heads of Department

Shri Mangubhai Patel

Hon'ble Governor of
Madhya Pradesh

Dr. Leela Bhalavi

Vice Chancellor at Raja Shankar Shah

Dr. Yuvraj Patil

Registrar at Raja Shankar Shah